Resuming a Plot in XPlotter (CPU Plotter)

**Note: This should work in SPlotter as well.

If your computer has crashed or frozen up, do not worry. If you were plotting using a CPU you can pick up right where you left off.

Every drive that is plotted to using Burst Client generates a folder structure with useful settings and tools in them that looks like this:

–Your plot Files Here

  1. Navigate to this folder on the drive that you were in the process of plotting to.
    • Example: E:\Burst\
  2. Right click the “RunThisAsAdmin.bat” file and click Edit. This will open it in Notepad.
  3. You will be presented with the code the Plotting program uses. All you need to do is replace the values to match the plot that stopped.
    • XPlotter_avx.exe -id NumericAccountIDHere -sn PlotStartNonceNumberHere -n TotalNocncesHere -t 6 -path E:\plots -mem 6G
    • You can obtain these values from the plot file name itself.
      • Example: 11584819963313763522_510000000_2860160_2860160
  4. After “-id” paste in your personal numeric account ID.
  5. After “-sn” paste in the starting nonce of the plot.
  6. After “-n” paste in the total number of nonces in the plot.
    • Using the example above you will get: XPlotter_avx.exe -id 11584819963313763522 -sn 510000000 -n 2860160 -t 6 -path E:\plots -mem 6G
  7. “-t” is the number of CPU threads to use. We recommend total threads -1.
  8. “-mem” is the amount of RAM to use. Set according to your available system memory.
  9. Save the file.
  10. Right-click the file and click “Run as Administrator

**Note: If you use the example settings instead of your own personal settings, you will get errors or end up mining for me and not yourself.

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