Miner Errors

Below are examples of errors you may see and what they mean.

WARNING: E:\Burst\plots\11584819963313763522_520000000_2860416_2860416 and C:\Burst\plots\11584819963313763522_520000000_2860416_2860416 are overlapped

  • Means these two plots have overlapping nonces. in the case above, I am copying this file from one HDD to another, so they are identical. If you have this error and you aren’t copying a file on purpose, you should figure out how much they are overlapping by.
    • To figure out how many nonces are overlapping perform the following equation: (Lower nonce start number + number of nonces in lower plot) – higher nonce start number.
      • lets use these two plots as an example: 11584819963313763522_52678562_2860416_2860416 and 11584819963313763522_55278569_2860416_2860416
      • = (55278569+2860416) – 52678562
      • = 58138985 – 52678562
      • = 5460422 overlapping nonces. (or around 1397GB)

File “11584819963313763522_520000000_2860416_2860416” error opening. code = 32

  • This simply means this file is currently being plotted and therefore isn’t available to be read yet. Once the file is complete this error will go away.
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