Joining a Pool

Joining a pool is mandatory for beginner miners because mining alone would not yield any profit as your chance of winning a block is incredibly low.  In a pool, you will work with other miners in order to submit the lowest deadline and therefore “win” the block.

See our article on Understand deadlines and pool payouts.

Choose a pool:

The first step is figuring out which pool is right for you. This is dependant on your current plotted size and the plotted size you will be growing too in the near future.  Different pools have different recommended storage limits. These are always changing so it is hard to recommend which ones to join. We can recommend asking the community and providing information on your setup and future plans.

Join the Pool:

  1. Open your Burst Client.
  2. At the bottom click the button that says “Start Mining“.
  3. This will bring up a popup with an input field for pool settings and buttons to begin mining.
  4. In the “Choose Pool field”, paste the web address of the pool you plan to join without “http://”.
    • Example: or
  5. Leave the Port as 8124. This is standard for most pools.
  6. Click the “Change” button on the left-hand side where is says “Change Reward Assignment”.
  7. Dismiss the popup the comes up.
  8. Navigate to the web address of the pool and copy the Burst address the pool uses.
    • Example: BURST-LBQ2-XLPT-S2S8-64ZG5 (address of
  9. Paste this into the “Recipient – Burst address of pool:” field.
  10. Paste your personal wallet passphrase into the field above this.
  11. Click Submit.

Your pool change will process and charge you 1 burst out of your wallet. You will need to wait for 4 confirmations until the changes are live on the network. During this time you can start your miner and wait.


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